Dashboards & Widgets Get Faster Access to Business Data and System Parameters

Continuous monitoring of key performance indicators keeps your business on track

Ready-to-use widgets for all common commerce-management scenarios

Optimized environments thanks to user-customizable dashboards and widgets


To run a successful online business, you need to monitor a wide range of data and parameters and then evaluate that information based on relevance.


The intuitive dashboards and easy-to-configure widgets in the Intershop Commerce Suite provide e-commerce, product, and marketing managers with all the information they need to keep improving the return on their budgets. System admins benefit from detailed insight into all performance-related aspects of the commerce platform, ensuring total system stability at all times.


  • Clearly arranged and custom-configurable dashboards
  • Dashboards accessible from any part of the back office
  • Ready-to-use widgets for all common application scenarios
  • Development framework for additional widgets
  • Widgets can be configured, added, and moved by user
  • User-based access permissions

Modules overview:

Area of application:

Analytics & Reporting

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Intershop Commerce Management B2C
Intershop Commerce Management B2X

Technical Monitoring & Reports

Ensure the Stability and Performance of Your Commerce Platform at All Times

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Dashboards & Widgets

Get Faster Access to Business Data and System Parameters

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Multivariate Testing

Increase Profitability through Continuous Testing of Content, Campaigns, and Promotions

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Web Analytics

Improve Your Product and Service Offering by Analyzing User Behavior

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Commerce Advisor

Avoid Supply Bottlenecks and Inventory Overhangs with Forward Planning

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Gain Complete Control over All Activities Affecting Business Objects

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End-to-End Monitoring

Ensure System Availability through Automated Monitoring

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