Contracts Create Reliable Business Relationships with Fixed Framework Agreements

Win-win option for buyers and sellers thanks to mutual cost benefits

Greater planning certainty for business processes and production costs

Lower transaction costs per purchase thanks to fixed terms and conditions


If both the buyer and seller want a long-term business relationship, then framework agreements can be a major help in achieving that goal. Agreeing on long-term supply and purchasing enables greater planning certainty for both parties.


The Intershop Commerce Suite allows buyers and sellers to create framework agreements that specify prices and terms as well as target revenues and time periods. This enables optimization of all fulfillment-related processes on the seller’s side, e.g., production, warehousing, and logistics. The resulting cost benefits can then be passed on—in whole or in part—to the buyer.


  • Revenue-based framework agreements
  • Customized pricing
  • Automatic order allocation
  • Buyer- and seller-side monitoring of target revenues
  • Automatic renewal reminders before end of contract

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Customer Management

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Create Reliable Business Relationships with Fixed Framework Agreements

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