Continuous Delivery Modern Software Delivery Processes for Agile Platform Development

Agile business development and fast adaptation to new market conditions

Lower cost and lower risk for delivery of upgrades, patches, and hotfixes

No expensive and time-consuming migration projects


In a dynamic business environment, it is important that continuous development of your commerce platform is both agile and reliable. Automated integration and delivery processes are an essential part of that process.


Delivery of the Intershop Commerce Suite in development and production environments is based on the Gradle build automation system and the latest continuous delivery principles. Combined with agile development methods, the result is a platform that allows fast and efficient adaptation to changing market conditions.


  • Modern build and DevOps automation based on Gradle
  • Support for test automation at all levels (unit, service/integration, UI)
  • Continuous software delivery process starting from Intershop’s public nexus server (end-to-end continuous delivery)
  • Support for software-defined infrastructure

Modules overview:

Area of application:

Operational Excellence

Part of these products:
Intershop Commerce Management B2C
Intershop Commerce Management B2X

Platform Core

A Solid Foundation for Growth in Digital Commerce

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High Security Architecture

Maximum Protection in a High-Risk World

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Performance & Scaling Infrastructure

Serve Demanding Customers without Delay

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High Availability & Clustering

Infrastructure for High-Traffic, Globally Distributed Omni-Channel Platforms

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Advanced Replication

Optimum Protection for Your Production Environment

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Continuous Delivery

Modern Software Delivery Processes for Agile Platform Development

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Develop and Operate Commerce Platforms without the Infrastructure Costs

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Intershop Studio

Highly productive development environment for customizing your commerce platform

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