Content Validation Publish High-Quality Content—Anytime, Anywhere

Increased customer confidence and satisfaction through high-quality product content

Better conversion rates thanks to extensive product information in line with customer expectations

Efficient quality assurance on all content through automated validation and approval processes


When shoppers visit your online store, they expect to find relevant and high-quality content. Monitoring and approving the quality of that content can often be a very time-consuming task.


The Intershop Commerce Suite offers a range of built-in content validation functions that allow efficient modeling of your quality assurance processes.


  • Continuous validation of all content
  • Automatic block on publication of incomplete content
  • Clear presentation of validation results
  • Identification of missing content and incomplete product parameters
  • Checking of localized content
  • Easy troubleshooting in editorial process

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Experience Management

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Intershop Commerce Management B2C
Intershop Commerce Management B2X

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Content Validation

Publish High-Quality Content—Anytime, Anywhere

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