Commerce Advisor Avoid Supply Bottlenecks and Inventory Overhangs with Forward Planning

Adequate stock levels at all times, ensuring every customer is satisfied

Realistic order volumes and prevention of inventory overhangs

Optimum use of storage space and capital thanks to punctual resupply


Inventory planning is crucial in the retail sector, especially for stores with seasonal offerings. The more accurate the prediction of demand, the more certainty there is for retailer, wholesaler, and manufacturer.


With the Intershop Commerce Advisor, wholesalers and manufacturers can add this intelligent planning capability to their B2B order process.

For manufacturers and wholesalers The Commerce Advisor enables operators of B2B shopping portals to document and analyze customer demand. By doing so, it provides the ideal basis for planning future production and procurement volumes.

For retailers The Commerce Advisor helps retailers select stock by recommending products and quantities based on items that are top sellers among other retailers with similar product lines, or that might complement existing products. It can also identify the best time and quantity for each delivery in terms of both inventory levels and capital lockup.


  • Recommendations on product quantities for optimum sales and margins
  • Recommendations on complementary products for custom-tailored product ranges
  • Recommendations on optimum restock dates and quantities

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Commerce Advisor

Avoid Supply Bottlenecks and Inventory Overhangs with Forward Planning

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