Catalog Management Build Your Digital Showcase with Well-Designed Catalog Structures

Reduced workload for catalog managers through automated processes and dynamic product allocation

Better product showcasing thanks to sophisticated functionality for fine-tuning structure and presentation

Seamless exchange of catalog data using established standards, such as UN/SPSC, eCl@ss, and BMEcat


Catalog structure management is often considered to be a rather tedious administrative task. In reality, however, a well-conceived and customer-friendly structure for your product range can significantly increase sales.


The catalog management functionality in the Intershop Commerce Suite includes a high degree of automation that reduces the workload for your product category managers. The time saved can then be used to create a more attractive shopping experience, with sophisticated layout and sorting features.


  • Standard catalogs for storefront presentation
  • Predefined categories for standardized data exchange
  • Classification catalogs for specific applications (e.g., guarantees, gift packaging, product downloads)
  • Comprehensive import and export capability (CSV and XML)
  • Validation of imported catalog data
  • Rules-based, dynamic product allocation
  • Fine-tuning of sorting and presentation by customer group
  • Catalog sharing: share catalogs and categories across all channels and touchpoints
  • Customized catalogs for individual markets, channels, and touchpoints

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Product Information

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Intershop Commerce Management B2C
Intershop Commerce Management B2X

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