Campaign Management The Right Message at the Right Time for the Right Target Audience

More efficient use of campaign budgets through centralized orchestration of all marketing instruments

Reduced marketing workload thanks to easier management of campaign content

Tailored communication with diverse target groups through specific allocation of content and promotions


By carefully orchestrating the individual elements in your marketing campaigns, you can maximize their impact and effectiveness. When information is customized and delivered at exactly the right time to exactly the right audience, it is much more likely to be received positively.


The campaign management tools in the Intershop Commerce Suite allow marketing professionals to bring together all the elements they need to create the perfect online marketing campaign. Content and promotions can be accurately scheduled to achieve maximum effect with the respective target audiences. Successful campaigns increase your visibility in the marketplace and provide the best possible platform for your creative ideas.


  • Campaign management
  • Definition of target groups
  • Allocation of promotions
  • Allocation of marketing content
  • Affiliate campaigns

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Experience Management

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The Right Message at the Right Time for the Right Target Audience

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