Approval Management Control and Monitor Sensitive Business Processes

Better control over publication of customer-specific information

More efficient processes thanks to early detection and correction of errors

Greater customer confidence and satisfaction through zero error tolerance


When it comes to sharing customer-specific information or handling payment-related operations, there is zero margin for error.


The Intershop Commerce Suite includes a range of the approval processes that guarantee the security you need. They can be used by purchasing staff to ensure compliance with fixed order limits and budgets, for example. You can also help sales organizations to identify procedural errors at the earliest opportunity, saving unnecessary hassle and expense.


  • Order and cost center approval processes for purchasing departments
  • Quote approval processes
  • Order approval for sales organizations
  • Processes for verifying the integrity of product data
  • Approval processes for web content elements

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Organization Management

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Approval Management

Control and Monitor Sensitive Business Processes

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