After Order Services Impress Your Customers with Valuable Post-Purchase Services

Seamless, fast, and reliable customer service across all channels

Personalized customer care thanks to full and accurate order information

Greater customer loyalty and higher probability of repeat purchases


If price is only one of multiple criteria your customers consider, you can create a competitive edge by offering value-adding services throughout the order process. If you also provide services in the post-order phase, you are well on your way to a repeat purchase.


The seamless integration of Intershop order management with all internal and partner ERP systems provides a comprehensive insight into the entire lifecycle of each order. From order and delivery status through payments, billing, and outstanding items to approvals and returns, all information and services are available at all contact points—regardless of whether the customer is informed by e-mail, views their account online, phones a call center, or is talking directly with a sales representative.


  • Merge all cross-channel orders in a centralized repository
  • Customer service back office with detailed customer and order information
  • Detailed payment history with incoming and outgoing transactions
  • Detailed order status information throughout the lifecycle of an order
  • Download and mail delivery of invoices and credit notes
  • Portal and API for omni-channel returns management
  • Integrated functions for invoice-to-cash management
  • E-mail notification services
  • API for synchronous querying of all order information
  • API for integration of CRM, ERP, and BI systems

Modules overview:

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Customer Management

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After Order Services

Impress Your Customers with Valuable Post-Purchase Services

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