Intershop Commerce Suite Managed

Intershop Commerce Suite Managed

Maximum Flexibility: If you want to keep your options open in changing markets, choose the Managed model for the Intershop Commerce Suite. Unlike conventional hosting models, you can decide where to run your commerce platform: in your own data center, in an Intershop data center, or with a third-party provider. You can also decide which services you want to run in-house and which ones you want to outsource. In short, you can enjoy the best of both worlds—the freedom and independence of an on-premise license plus the convenience of outsourcing selected infrastructure and operational services.


  • Flexible hosting and license options
  • Optimum use of own IT resources
  • Fewer demands on own IT resources
  • Custom mix of resources (Intershop, service providers, implementation partners, own personnel, own infrastructure)
  • Unlimited adaptability

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