Intershop Commerce Suite

Intershop Commerce Suite: Areas of Application

Omni-Channel Management

Commerce is Increasingly Diverse.

Intershop enables intelligent management of the ever-increasing number of customer touchpoints.

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Experience Management

Your Customers Expect More.

With the Intershop Commerce Suite, you can create a rich, engaging, and intuitive shopping experience.

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Product Information

Product Data is the Heart of Your Business.

The PIM system in the Intershop Commerce Suite ensures optimum quality and profitable deployment of your product data.

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Customer Management

Good Relationships are the Basis for Every Successful Business.

The customer management tools offer a consistent overview of all the data you need to build positive relationships with your customers.

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Transaction Management

Smooth Transactions Mean Satisfied Customers.

From classic retail checkout to complex B2B scenarios, the Intershop Commerce Suite is designed for smooth and customer-friendly transactions.

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Organization Management

Your Business is Unique.

The Intershop Commerce Suite adapts to the specific characteristics of your business, not vice versa.

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Analytics & Reporting

Control is Key to Business Performance.

The Intershop Commerce Suite contains powerful tools for analyzing business data and monitoring the technical infrastructure.

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Operational Excellence

Growth Requires a Solid Foundation.

The Intershop Commerce Suite is designed for high performance and availability, plus maximum adaptability and integration.

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