From Home and Garden to Office - E-Commerce in the Furniture Industry

Sofa by mouse-click? Garden furniture direct to your door? Office makeover after office hours? These are the things that customers dream of - yet they still give retailers nightmares. Why? Because they lack the necessary e-commerce strategy. Yet it is precisely in heavily saturated markets like this that a powerful online presence can deliver a competitive edge.

Are you where your customers want you to be?

Buying furniture online has many advantages for customers and heightens your appeal as a retailer. Your store stays open after others have closed and is always easily accessible for customers—when they’re relaxing at home, when they’re out and about, or when planning how to freshen up the office at work.

Master the challenges of e-commerce

As in any revolution, there are many challenges you have to overcome before you can take your offering online. Our innovative Intershop Commerce Suite will help you lay the foundation for successful e-commerce.

  • Product presentation: Attractive shopping environments, instantly accessible
  • Customer focus: Product configurators and self-service features
  • A/B testing: Measure the appeal of selected products and promotions
  • Multi-channel: Merge your online channels with your offline locations
  • Mobile commerce: Online shopping on all mobile devices
  • Integration: Easy integration with all database systems
  • Process optimization: Seamless modeling of your entire supply chain
Beat the rush on this emerging online trend

The Internet offers almost limitless possibilities for your customers. The online revolution needn’t be a threat - with a smart and secure platform, it could be the start of an exciting new chapter in the development of your business. With our extensive industry experience and innovative software, Intershop is the partner of choice for successful online commerce.

Garten XXL

Garten XXL

Business with Intershop bears fruit

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Across the board, Intershop meets our complex requirements for a high-performing e-commerce solution. The Intershop platform proved to be a welcome revenue driver in the wake of our heavy investment in brand marketing campaigns.

Jens Schürks
Head of Software Development, Tengelmann E-Stores GmbH (GartenXXL)