Full-Service E-Commerce

Want a slice of the booming online shopping market without making expensive mistakes? Outsourcing your e-commerce processes is the perfect way to achieve both objectives.

You focus on product development, production, and brand management, while Intershop and its partners handle your online business - acting as your e-commerce division and committed to achieving measurable success. This is what we can do for your e-commerce project:


  • Easy decision thanks to low initial investment
    Our performance-linked pricing model ensures low and predictable project costs.
  • Create your own service package
    Intershop gives you the option of partial or complete outsourcing of processes.
  • Enhance your competitiveness by reducing risk
    We handle all activities associated with distribution to end customers, thereby dramatically reducing your risk exposure.
  • Learn from our experience
    With our full-service solution, you can leverage Intershop’s extensive experience across the entire process chain, not just our technical skills
  • Flexibility and scalability
    Your e-commerce site is readily scalable in any direction and at any time—in terms of region and features, as well as integration with other IT systems and adding performance to keep pace with sales.
  • A powerful e-commerce platform
    Your online business will run on the proven platform that has been setting benchmarks since 1994 and has been adopted by some of the world’s leading mail-order companies.

Intershop Full-Service E-Commerce

Peter Dietrich

Head of Full Service

Phone: +49 3641 50-1428