Case Study: EU-Bookshop


EU Bookshop on Course for Success with Intershop

The EU Bookshop digital library contains 14 million pages of free, Web-optimized PDFs, 2 million pages of current publications and 12 million scanned pages of historical publications since 1952. In total, the Publishing Office edits some 600 new publications and serves 370 corporate authors. It operates its own logistics center to process the 30,000 orders received daily.

By 2009, the EU’s Publication Office could barely keep up with the publications demands led by growth in data volumes and the success of the digital library which overwhelmed the system. It became increasingly expensive to maintain the solution – even minor changes had to be implemented by external service providers. The Office decided to search for a proven, future-proof packaged solution that was robust and easier to update than the existing system.

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