Microsoft Azure Cloud

The Ultimate in Security

Whatever your industry, whatever your scale, Microsoft has a range of options that let you digitally transform your business in a way that suits your individual needs. You can choose between cloud hosting in Germany and Microsoft cloud services elsewhere—whatever fits your business model and the specific regulations in your industry.


Microsoft Cloud Germany follows the four key principles of the cloud:

  • Security
    The ultimate in security: the data centers in Germany use the same technologies and offer the same high security standards as Microsoft cloud services elsewhere.
  • Transparency
    Customers know what’s happening with their data: Microsoft explains how it manages and secures data.
  • Data protection
    Total control: you own all content and can access and extract data at any time.
  • Compliance
    Fulfill your obligations efficiently: you can store and manage your data in accordance with your obligations and applicable law as well as other regulations and international standards.