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The Stibo Systems master data platform STEP makes it possible to integrate all data domains in the Stibo Systems solution. This increases both data quality and revenue and provides the basis for strategic and effective decision-making.
In order to publish or share consistent product information across the enterprise and to multiple distribution channels, the information must be merged, centralized, accurate and up-to-date. Product data often involves thousands of attributes, hundreds of relationships and millions of records and is an integral part of real-time business process interactions within and outside the enterprise. Having a central repository for all product-related information gives organizations a single version of truth for their product master data, delivering significant operational efficiencies and improving business performance.
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Stibo Systems
Stibo Systems empowers data transparency with Master Data Management.
Data is the lifeblood of business. But as volume and complexity grows, ensuring accuracy and integrity gets more difficult. And when data can’t be trusted, nobody wins. Stibo Systems Multidomain Master Data Management (MDM) addresses this challenge, bringing data together across the enterprise, making sure it’s updated and available everywhere it’s needed. Turning trustworthy data into competitive advantage, and value that sets businesses apart.
By eliminating silos and barriers to the visibility and flow of data, MDM enables data transparency, to meet evolving demands for personalized, data-rich customer experiences. Opening a Window of Transparency (WoT) enables businesses, their partners, and customers to make confident, informed decisions, based on the information that matters to them most. Giving everyone the strategic edge needed to win in dynamic business environments.
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