CONTENTSERV Media Asset Management

Over 300,000 users in over 89 countries already use CONTENTSERV in their daily work. Our customers include Miele, Siemens, Texas Instruments, LG Electronics, Merck, Vaillant and BMW. The CONTENTSERV Marketing Management software solution enables the web-based, highly automated organization and implementation of marketing and media processes in Multichannel Marketing. It provides a professional tool for Marketing Content Management, Multi Channel Management, Digital Context Marketing for E-Commerce and Translation Management. The CONTENTSERV solution makes the central management of marketing content, as well as the creation and publishing of content across a wide variety of media, channels an...

With the web-based Contentserv solution for Media Asset Management, all your media assets are managed centrally and topically. You thus have access to a professional image and media database. Extensive functionalities ensure that you can find any content you need immediately. You can also archive your previous assets and track changes at any time by means of revision control and restore previous versions if necessary. Image conversions, such as size, pixel resolution and color space (RGB or CMYK), for which you used to have to engage a service provider, are delivered automatically by Contentserv. You can perform simple image processing yourself in the web browser via Contentserv. Workflows control all coordination processes from the original image to the finished litho. It is possible to include external and in-house staff in the process via the roles and rights management.


  • Organize and manage all existing media assets centrally
  • Data sovereignty is in your hands instead of those of an external service provider
  • Lose no time searching for current files
  • Output of media assets for different formats across all media
  • Automatic conversion of image data for various output channels
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