Case study

Omni-Channel Brand Experience That Delights Customers and Transforms Logistics Fulfillment Efficiencies


Founded 1991 in Milan, Trony is an Italian retailer specializing in consumer electronics, computers, telephones and household appliances. GRE is a consortium comprised of 15 companies that operate 190 stores in malls and hypermarkets across Italy. Following a major data integration project to boost operational cohesion between its subsidiaries, Trony wanted a new group-wide commerce platform that would enable it to embark and truly unify Omni-channel customer e-commerce experience. 

Delivering on Trony’s ‘any time, any place’ shopping vision was a complex proposition. To respond fast to dynamic market demands, Trony needed real-time inventory visibility with deep system integration to coordinate online stock availability with its 190 stores and 15 warehouses. Utilizing Intershop’s commerce platform, Trony has integrated its complex organizational structure into a united Omni-channel brand experience. Customers can browse a rich selection of products, opt for delivery and secure the best suited payment options.