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B2B Commerce Buyers are going rogue

The Rise Of The Empowered B2B End User Buyer

Forrester Study Commissioned by Intershop on the New B2B Buyer

There’s a world of opportunity out there for companies willing to embrace the new realities of commerce. Gone are the days of procurement department monopolies. Frustrated with formalized internal purchasing, individual B2B buyers are bypassing processes and capitalizing on the freedom the Internet provides.

Download the "The Rise Of The Empowered B2B End User Buyer" study by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Intershop. This first-of-its kind research shows that business buyers around the world are also demanding online consumers. And if e-commerce isn’t playing a major role in your sales strategy, you’re going to be left behind. You must have robust commerce capabilities. You have to offer the rich, relevant content they need to make their decision – in the way they want to access it.

How do you do that? It starts with understanding the new B2B buyer.

How do they shop? Where do they buy? And what motivates them? Find out in the newly released survey conducted by Forrester consulting on behalf of Intershop.