Achieve Consistent Branding Across all Touchpoints

Intershop Web Content Management with Design View

Creating content for omni-channel commerce presents a range of highly complex challenges. On the one hand, you need powerful and consistent branding across all available channels. On the other, you have to meet the expectations of a diverse range of customer groups. These expectations include unique website design, easy navigation, and personalized content — all of which should be accessible through a wide variety of devices. When selecting and presenting content, it is also important to consider competitor challenges and the continuous evolution of your markets.

Intershop's solution:
Web Content Management in Intershop 7 provides a powerful, highly flexible, and fully integrated framework for creating, managing, editing, and publishing content, thereby supporting and extending the multi-touchpoint capabilities of Intershop 7. With Web Content Management, users can create and edit pages based on a predefined content model. Content can be created for one or more specific touchpoints (e.g., online shop or mobile app) or published as corporate content across all touchpoints.