Connecting Systems, Combining Worlds

Intershop Synaptic Commerce API

Your processes are built around two key goals: growing the business and enhancing the customer experience. Achieving them, however, requires the successful synthesis of a wide range of systems, platforms, and services. By the time a commerce platform has been combined with an ERP system, content management tools, custom applications, and touchpoints, as well as external providers, the result is often a very extensive and diverse system landscape. For many businesses, the major challenges include reliable data exchange between the various systems, integration of business-specific applications, and consistent presentation of data and content. Most integrations are still project-specific and require considerable development input, which means significant investment and longer time-to-market. Often, the dream of delivering a seamless customer experience across multiple touchpoints remains a distant vision.

Intershop's solution:
The Intershop Synaptic Commerce API creates a bridge between these worlds. You can use it to integrate commerce platforms, third-party systems, and service providers using clearly defined interfaces and with no additional development effort. It’s also easy to incorporate customer-specific modifications or new touchpoints via the relevant interfaces. Migrations and upgrades are fast and risk-free, with minimal cost and workload.