Intershop Commerce Management 7.9 und Intershop Order Management 2.2

Intershop Commerce Suite | July 2017

2017-07-20 – The Intershop team is happy to announce the official release of Intershop Commerce Management 7.9 and Intershop Order Management 2.2. Both versions are bursting with new functions and improvements for users and developers, ranging from new B2B features and new tools for developers to comprehensive performance improvements.

Release components:

  • Intershop Commerce Management 7.9

  • Intershop Order Management 2.2

Release highlights:

  • New Promotion Management Features

  • New and Improved Web Content Management Components

  • New B2B Category Page and Product Detail View

  • More Customized Category Pages with Rich Content and Images

  • New Handler Chain Framework

  • Modernized Order Creation Process