Partner Accenture Helps Stadium Boost its in-store Offerings

  • "Order in Store" functionality implemented
  • In-store usage of the online platform, combined with in-store payment and shipping to address of choice
  • Intershop 7 platform used as technology by partner Accenture

Intershops partner Accenture raised the bar of OmniChannel services for Stadium, sport equipment and clothing vendor in the Nordics.

In the futuristic renovated store in the center of Stockholm it is possible to use ”Order in Store”, a project developed in collaboration with Accenture Interactive Commerce.

The salesforce in the store can use touch screens of different formats to help the customers choose the right product for them, check the availability of products in nearby stores, and make purchases. The order is handled at the register as usual, and the goods can be delivered to the customers' address.

The system uses the same service platform built for the different e-commerce channels, reusing the same integrations with logistics and POS, CRM, Loyalty Program, and detailed product information like images and additional, inspirational content. On the e-commerce site, the customer is able to track orders done both online or in the store.

After a pilot phase and the big opening in Stockholm, the project will be expanded in all other stores.

”Order in Store” is the latest of a series of Omni-Channel initiatives like ”Stadium Magazine”,  the ”Stadium Pulse” or ”Stadium Outlet” shops, expansion of a recent e-commerce replatforming  that management in Stadium defined ”the most successful project they have ever seen”. Stadium has brick-and-mortar shops and e-commerce platforms in Sweden, Germany and Finland.

Mauro Boffardi, Omnichannel Technology Manager at Accenture, reflects: "We are very proud of this project. To understand the customers' needs and to put them first in e-commerce management processes will lead to a new shopping experience and a devoted, long-lerm customer base."

Accenture Interactive Commerce developed the project on Intershop 7, taking benefit of its reliability, scalability and its effective CMS features. In particular, ”Order in Store” implements a responsive single page application based on some of the latest front-end technologies like React, in connection with the native REST APIs provided by the platform.

Accenture is a platinum partner of Intershop, developing projects in the Nordics, the UK and other countries.

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