New Release: Intershop Commerce Suite Accelerates the Digital Transformation of Business Processes

  • The Commerce Suite’s new, fully integrated order management functions ensure efficient end-to-end processes for seamless omni-channel commerce
  • New and improved B2B functions open up new markets for growth-oriented companies
  • More efficient processes for creating attractive customer experiences
  • Intershop Commerce Suite will soon be available in the public clouds of Microsoft and Amazon

Jena, Germany, July 4, 2016 – Intershop Communications AG is announcing the availability of the newest release of its Commerce Suite today. The leading digital experience platform helps B2C and B2B organizations of all sizes and industries to manage the digital transformation of their business processes, enabling them to offer their customers a genuine omni-channel shopping experience at every point of interaction.

The release contains new and optimized Intershop Commerce Management modules and has, for the first time ever, fully integrated the order management system Intershop Order Management 2.0 into the Commerce Suite. The Intershop Commerce Management is now available as version 7.7. With the platform, companies can select and use the module that best fits their specific business model, company goals and individual user requirements. Furthermore, the risks and investments associated with implementing new solutions are significantly reduced thanks to the Synaptic Commerce® approach, which allows the Intershop Commerce Suite to be easily integrated into various system landscapes.

Intershop Order Management 2.0 Fully Integrated for the First Time

The new order management modules of the Intershop Commerce Suite expand Intershop’s range of market-leading solutions for implementing an integrated omni-channel commerce strategy. This enables companies in many industries to adequately respond to their customers’ needs on and offline at any time. Moreover, through the deep integration of the order management system into the Commerce Suite, the system can now, for the first time, be used to display entire end-to-end processes and to orchestrate each step of a transaction across a company. This in turn facilitates the automation and channel-wide optimization of order, payment and invoice processing.

Additional Sales Paths Thanks to Expanded B2B Features

The new version of Intershop Commerce Suite contains many new and expanded functions that are designed to meet the needs of B2B customers. In addition to being able to more easily manage costs and offers, buyers can now access all of the products they require without switching shopping systems by using the new OCI (open catalog interface) PunchOut function. This new way of purchasing allows companies to more comfortably configure the access to their products.

Shaping the Shopping Experience More Efficiently

The expanded marketing functions of the Intershop Commerce Suite make the customers’ digital experience even more attractive, and content marketing managers can measure the effectiveness of their campaigns by looking at the customers’ perspectives in Design View. Furthermore, content and images are optimized for specific screen sizes and devices so that companies can increase the visibility of their products, thus significantly increasing sales. Intelligent access control allows you to design marketing campaigns in a more comprehensible, quicker and more efficient way.

Intershop Commerce Suite Availability in the Public Cloud

The Intershop Commerce Suite is now also available in the public clouds of Microsoft and Amazon, allowing companies to quickly pay off their investments. The public cloud feature is a flexible, secure and cost-efficient alternative to traditional local implementation and hosting methods, making it especially attractive to mid-tier companies. At the touch of a button, online businesses can now temporarily stock up on inventory when demand is high, or quickly and easily implement a regional roll-out.

Dr. Jochen Wiechen, CEO at Intershop, adds: “Companies are faced with radical changes in their markets that are driven by the expectations of their customers and the strengths of their competitors. The new release of our Commerce Suite is an absolute must for anyone who has been waiting for efficient and forward-looking technology for digitalizing their business processes. It is the key to increased efficiency, an improved customer experience and the flexibility to tap into this potential.”

About Intershop

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