Intershop customers are first to gain SAP HANA-powered real-time analytics offering truly personal experiences for every online shopper

Jena, Germany, September 12, 2013 – Intershop, the leading independent provider for omni-channel commerce, scores an industry first in enabling real-time analytics for its customers. In pulling the wraps off a new pilot application running on SAP HANA in-memory technology, Intershop’s customers can harness the power of multiple big data sources by creating personalized storefrontsand special offers across multiple selling touchpoints for every individual user.

The ground-breaking Intershop pilot leverages real-time analytics to bring our clients one step closer to the personal service that customers enjoy in brick-and-mortar stores. Thanks to running e-commerce sites on Intershop combined with the SAP HANA in-memory technology, retailers can for the first time simultaneously combine and leverage multiple different sources of data to become more relevant and deliver highly-personalized content and offers.

Intershop is the first omni-channel commerce vendor to announce the introduction of real-time analytics for an e-commerce platform, even beating hybris. The use of in-memory technology provides real-time analytics that enable retailers to bring an e-commerce business to the next level. With all data held in-memory, marketers are significantly faster when it comes to making smarter decisions. That means that Intershop customers can stay ahead of the competition.

Retailers are able to continually optimize e-commerce sites thanks to the clearest view ever of their customer, based on transactional information (purchase history, customer behavior, billing) and non-transactional data (such as product details). What’s more is that both social data and contextual information such as geo-location and date and time of shopping can be added to the mix.

Intershop and partner AGETO will unveil the pilot real-time commerce enterprise application next week at the DSAG Congress in Nuremburg, Germany (September 17-19, 2013) – demonstrating the industry’s first unified system to combine Intershop’s omni-channel commerce platform with SAP HANA in-memory technology.

Intershop and AGETO have started to present selected customers with the integrated omni-channel commerce capabilities via a new, real-time dashboard. This enables the creation of personalized offers for individual shoppers. Intershop’s new real-time commerce analytics offerings are based on a combination of information including customer profiles plus further data pulled from a number of additional sources of “big data”.

To ensure rapid realization of the pilot, putting Intershop ahead of the market, the Jena, Germany-based software company teamed up with AGETO, specialists in technical implementation of e-commerce solutions. As a SAP expert AGETO was able to leverage its extensive experience of End-to-End solutions, combining SAP ERP Systems with e-commerce sites of an omni-channel business.

Dr. Jochen Wiechen, CTO at Intershop: “The introduction of real-time analytics puts Intershop customers far ahead of the competition. Our customers will be enabled to dramatically increase conversion rates, since they will always be able to match the right offer to the customer at the right place and time. Intershop is one of the first e-commerce vendors to crack the challenge of offering real-time analytics. As a result, Intershop can now offer every one of their individual shoppers a totally personalized experience. This is based not only on what the retailer knows about the customer but also on a rich combination of information from a variety of ‘big data’ sources.”


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