Intershop assists GartenXXL with market expansion into Austria

  • poised to launch largest mail order specialist on Austrian gardening market
  • Intershop's multishop technology makes it easy to align product ranges with local market conditions at low cost and with minimum administrative effort – all thanks to centralized administration

Jena, January 28, 2015 – Intershop, the leading independent provider of omni-channel commerce solutions, is forging new collaborative ties with GartenXXL, guiding the German company as it expands into Austria. The concept behind borrows directly from that of its German affiliate, using Intershop's multishop system to exploit the synergies of the shared assortment and shop structure to the full. will open up an additional attractive and dynamically growing market for the company, establishing it as Austria's largest mail order specialist in the gardening segment.  

The launch will make most of the 20,000 products in the company's German shop available to Austria and enable the company to adapt its product range to focus on the items that are most popular in the neighboring country. This will give the mail order specialist a decisive edge over its competitors by making it the e-commerce provider with the largest gardening product range in Austria. The Intershop platform's multishop system makes it easy to adapt the catalog and product range of the Austrian shop subsidiary to local market conditions. While using product data catalogs in conjunction with the powerful Intershop product data wizards saves time and costs when setting up the first shop, it will also keep administrative effort to a minimum when administering country-specific subsidiaries later on. The Intershop platform's integrated tax matrix simplified the process of adapting the shop to the local tax system. It was also possible to seamlessly integrate the service elements so familiar from the German shop into, along with the innovative solution that provides accessibility for the visually impaired. The modular structure of the Intershop solution also allows it to connect with locally operating payment providers and methods – a factor that is key in establishing any business model successfully in foreign markets. Austrian consumers will also be able to take advantage of local shipping costs for their orders, avoiding the higher international shipping rates.

"With the success of the promising implementation in Germany behind it, GartenXXL has entered the long-planned phase of globalization," says Bastian Siebers, spokesman for the management board of Tengelmann E-Stores GmbH. "We can view the awards we have received in Germany as a motivator for achieving the same success abroad. The fact that the Intershop technology can easily be used as the basis for establishing other shops abroad is a crucial factor in this process, because this platform will allow migration into further countries at any time." Expanding the shop into Austria is also a logical step, adds Bastian Siebers. "There is as yet no comparable competitor for our specialty shop in Austria," he says. "What's more, online business in Austria is seeing dynamic growth." Figures from a recent study conducted on behalf of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber bear this out: Currently, 57 percent of Austrians shop with online providers in Austria and abroad, and as recently as 2013 they spent more than 5.9 billion euros in the process. This trend is growing.

"The ability to export a successful business model abroad is still a central element of many companies' growth strategy, and that will continue in the near future. GartenXXL was not the only company to become aware of this early on," says Axel Koehler, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at Intershop, with conviction. "Globalization has always been one of the Intershop solution's strengths, and we are pleased that the company wants us by its side as it takes this next, very important step."

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