E-Commerce: Looking For the Fast Track

  • Navigating the maze of online offers
  • Online product search supports buying decision
  • Partnership between Intershop and FACT-Finder helps boost sales
  • Advanced Search now enhanced by many new functions

Jena, Germany, May 31, 2011 – Online customers typically like a Web store to provide a comprehensive and inspirational range of products. At the same time, they want to find exactly what they’re looking for—fast. Too much choice can lead to uncertainty and thus stop people from buying. One way that store managers can resolve this dilemma is to integrate an intelligent product search function that allows customers to quickly find the desired product and suggests alternatives and additions to the term entered.

Intelligent search for fast results

Intershop’s Advanced Search Engine for Enfinity Suite is just such an intelligent search solution for store managers. Based on FACT-Finder technology, it suggests search terms while customers type, recognizes synonyms, and is error-tolerant.

The new Advanced Search functionality from technology partner Omikron Data Quality GmbH is available to all Intershop customers from May 2011. Its sales-boosting features include the recommendation engine, which store managers can use to leverage cross-selling and up-selling opportunities by flexibly integrating suitable products on product detail pages or elsewhere on the site.

After-search navigation filter function

Users can filter the products they have found in the online store by categories, such as price, brand, size, and color. The dynamic filter options also enable multiple selections, while the management backend helps sellers to create promotions, banners, and landing pages. A low-cost Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model eliminates high investment and maintenance costs by enabling online retailers to pay only for the services they actually use.

Search function with a memory

But the benefits of the solution don’t end when the customer places an order. Because searches are logged, online retailers can identify trends and fashions, fill any gaps in the product range, and optimize the website with regard to frequently used search terms. Thanks to extensive analysis options, managers can constantly improve their store. It is also possible to adapt navigation through the product offering based on the online customer’s most recently completed search. In addition, the algorithm is self-learning and permanently improves results by incorporating user behavior into the product ranking.

The value of the solution can be measured in hard figures. “Using Advanced Search has helped to generate a double-digit rise in sales. The ability to combine searches with marketing activities means we can assign individual items to frequently used keywords” says Dominik Brackmann of Plus Online GmbH.

More information about the Intershop Advanced Search can be found at: www.intershop.com/media-center.html.

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 Information about FACT-Finder

FACT-Finder (www.fact-finder.de) is Europe’s leading provider of online product search and navigation technology. Omikron’s error-tolerant, high-end solution is language-independent and used worldwide in more than 1,000 Web stores. FACT-Finder is easy to integrate and requires virtually no maintenance. All settings and updates can be performed while the system is running. Depending on the product range, Web stores achieve increases in sales of up to 25% almost immediately after integration of the search technology. The powerful system can also be acquired as an ASP solution and provides access via Web services and XML interfaces. Since 2010, FACT-Finder has also been available as an iPhone app for successful mobile commerce.

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