Compario and Intershop with joint offering for unique customer experience in omni-channel commerce

The R&D departments of the two companies have pooled their skills to design an integrated, powerful and innovative solution for the market. The new platform combines the robust performance and richness of Intershop's e-commerce technology with the intelligence and unique capabilities of Compario's merchandizing, recommendation, and personalization tools. This fully integrated solution meets both current and future e-commerce needs. All sales and marketing processes can be handled and monitored across all channels and devices within a single integrated solution.

Paris, France, September 19, 2013Compario, a major player in merchandizing, recommendations, and personalization for all digital channels (online, mobile, tablets, in-store kiosks, etc.), and Intershop, a leading provider of omni-channel commerce solutions, have announced their partnership and the launch of a new joint solution in e-commerce.

Compario CEO Stéphane Vendramini: "Changing consumer behavior and expectations have made personalization a decisive factor in the marketing and sale of consumer goods. The ability to understand and analyze interactions with each consumer in order to personalize offers and products has become a key issue that no brand or retail chain can ignore. At the same time, the burgeoning number of devices and customer touchpoints has created a cross-channel environment that is continuously evolving, adding a further layer of complexity. The partnership between Intershop and Compario represents a real marriage of our two technologies. Our new joint platform provides marketers with real-time data on customer behavior, which enables them to personalize the consumer experience and be in a better position to recommend products."

Intershop has achieved a leading position in the international e-commerce market by setting benchmarks in various sectors (telecommunications, hi-tech manufacturing, retail, automotive industry, etc.) with a range of business models (B2C, B2B, B2B2C, C2C, etc.). Intershop projects are notable for a very attractive TCO. In turn, the feedback that Intershop receives from its customers gives it the flexibility and insights to further develop the platform according to the ever-changing market requirements. Intershop 7 is a state-of-the-art omni-channel commerce solution designed above all to provide e-commerce managers with maximum support, regardless of business model, channel, or device.

Compario solutions are dedicated to optimizing the customer experience across all channels and devices in order to increase the conversion rate, boost shopping cart values, and maximize repeat purchases. Compario analyzes client data in detail and enables marketing managers to utilize this intelligence to improve conversion:

  • Merchandizing: Compario offers professional teams an omni-channel merchandising console that allows them to showcase products to each consumer according to his or her preferences, clickstream, and purchases in progress. In this way, it is possible to create personalized and individual merchandizing initiatives – even within a very short period of time – and adapt the web pages of the merchant's site in real time.
  • Recommendation: Compario offers a powerful recommendation solution based on a statistical algorithm and easy-to-configure rules.
  • Personalization: Compario allows professionals to identify the consumer right from his or her first visit in order to present the most attractive items and generate the most relevant search results. As such, Compario delivers a consistent customer experience from acquisition through to transaction. For example, Compario enables e-mail campaigns and messages sent to consumers to be personalized in real time. The power of Compario's data analysis allows e-mail solutions to use data related to the behavior of visitors and purchasers in real time.

Intershop VP Channel Udo Rauch: "Intershop and Compario have known each other for a long time and share a common vision of e-commerce and how it radically changes the relationship between consumers and brands. Our existing and prospective customers will benefit from a powerful recommendation and personalization engine, while Compario's customers will be able to rely on the robustness and scalability of the Intershop 7 platform. The partnership between Intershop and Compario gives e-commerce managers a great option to offer each customer a compelling shopping experience."

About Compario

Compario’s positioning in the e-commerce market reflects the growing demand for personalization, merchandizing, and recommendations in the interaction of brands and their customers across all sales and marketing channels. Used by nearly 150 merchant sites in around twenty countries, Compario is an e-commerce booster device for its customers, helping them to meet their business objectives. Compario generates significant improvements in conversion rates, revenue, and margin, while allowing a sharp increase in the productivity of its teams. The biggest names in e-commerce trust Compario, including 3 Suisses, BUT, Camaïeu, le groupe Casino, Conforama, Damart, Decathlon, Delhaize, Etam, Intersport, le groupe Printemps (Citadium), Toupargel, Truffaut, Yves Rocher. To find out more, visit:

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About Intershop

Intershop Communications AG (founded in Germany 1992; Prime Standard: ISHA) is an independent, internationally leading provider of omnichannel commerce solutions. The latter are available as cloud-based commerce-as-a-service solutions or as licensed models and combine the expertise from over 25 years of software development for online commerce. Upon request, Intershop orchestrates the entire omnichannel commerce process chain – from the design of online channels to the implementation of software to fulfillment. Around the globe more than 300 enterprise customers run Intershop solutions. Customers include large corporations such as HP, BMW, Würth and Deutsche Telekom as well as medium-sized enterprises. Intershop operates in Europe, the USA and the Asia-Pacific region.

This news release contains forward-looking statements regarding future events or the future financial and operational performance of Intershop. Actual events or performance may differ materially from those contained or implied in such forward-looking statements. Risks and uncertainties that could lead to such difference could include, among other things: Intershop's limited operating history, the unpredictability of future revenues and expenses and potential fluctuations in revenues and operating results, significant dependence on large single customer deals, consumer trends, the level of competition, seasonality, risks related to electronic security, possible governmental regulation, and general economic conditions.

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