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Het van oorsprong Duitse Intershop is momenteel bezig met een sterke groei in de Benelux. Dit jaar nog mikt de aanbieder van webwinkelsoftware met hun Enterprise-versie op een groei van minimaal tien nieuwe klanten. Dat klinkt misschien beperkt maar deze speler richt zich dan ook op een veeleisende klantengroep.

Germany-based Intershop Communications AG has been  promoting itself in recent years to as a provider of e-commerce software to companies in the United States. It’s banking on its latest software version to help open more doors on this side of the Atlantic.

Intershop Communications AG is announcing the availability of the newest release of its Commerce Suite today. The leading digital experience platform helps B2C and B2B organizations of all sizes and industries to manage the digital transformation of their business processes, enabling them to offer their customers a genuine omni-channel shopping experience at every point of interaction.

[Free copy] More and more B2B companies are taking advantage of the latest digital possibilities to meet changing customer demands, protect their customer base and acquire new customers. As a result, the global B2B e-commerce market is growing rapidly. Digitalisation has become a necessity: B2B buyers are more enabled than ever, and customer behavior resembles that of the B2C sector. Surviving and growing in the dynamic, global marketplace of B2B selling demands a substantial share of strategic thinking, buyer profiling and improving service levels.

"Abandon hope all ye who enter here" - the inscription that hangs above the entrance of Hell in Dante's Commedia is arguably not hugely dissimilar to the sentiments expressed by many European players over the torturous and hellish journey that the changes in EU-US data protection laws have put them through.

Last October the European Court of Justice (ECJ) declared the Safe Harbour data transfer agreement invalid, ending the 15 year pact that had governed data flows, especially flows of personal data across the Atlantic

Intershop, the largest independent technology vendor for omni-channel commerce solutions, and Business & Decision today announced their newly formed partnership.

Het traditionele B2B-commerce model lijkt op een kritiek keerpunt beland. Wellicht vertrouwt ook uw organisatie nog op een gedrukte catalogus, een goed getraind verkoopteam en/of een goed bemand call center om uw klanten te ondersteunen en verkopen te vergroten.

Axel Koehler, COO at Intershop, provides advice for five common challenges when starting an ecommerce programme.

What are the key trends in e-commerce this year? Lars Schickner, Director of Business Innovation, Intershop Communications AG gazes into the crystal ball.

Om klanten nog beter te bedienen en hun omzet verder te vergroten brengen B2B-organisaties de transformatie naar digitale commerce naar het volgende niveau, blijkt uit recent onderzoek van Vanson Bourne in opdracht van Intershop.

Intershop, a B2B and B2C ecommerce solutions provider, has launched Intershop Commerce Management 7.6, the latest version of the Intershop Commerce Suite, the company`s omnichannel solution.

Today Intershop presents Intershop Commerce Management 7.6, the latest version of the centerpiece of the Intershop Commerce Suite, the leading omni-channel solution. The successor of Intershop 7 is now available in two editions: the Intershop Commerce Management Edition B2C 7.6 for shop solutions aimed at retail customers; and the B2X 7.6 Edition with additional features for business customers.

The B2B e-commerce market is set generate $6.7 trillion in revenue by 2020. To get in on the revenue stream, suppliers across the globe are investing more and more into developing their digital B2B commerce capabilities.

Om klanten nog beter te gaan bedienen en omzet verder te vergroten brengen B2B-organisaties de transformatie naar digitale commerce naar het volgende niveau.

Online-driven, omnichannel transformation is changing the way B2B brands connect with, engage and retain customers. On the other hand, digitalisation demands the ongoing integration of supply chain and demand chain, leading to more cross-linked processes, companies and businesses.

Organisations are reaping significant benefits from their digital B2B commerce strategies, but the fast-paced success has come at a price.  This is the key finding from the Intershop 2015 E-Commerce Report,  launched today, which explores the major shift currently taking place in B2B commerce.

Omnichannel commerce as driver of digitalization of commerce    New system landscapes and combined ecosystems bring integration challenges.

What makes us choose one brand over another or one product over another?
Much of consumer shopping habits are actually down to how well a brand connects with itstarget audience and how well it knows its shoppers.