Intershop inpulse summit

Miami, April 8 and 9

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Get ready for inpulse!

What´s in for you in digital commerce?

What helps you automating business processes? Looking to leverage AI and Big Data to improve your customer experience? In how many markets do you want to expand?

Get together with peers and experts at the Intershop inpulse Summit in Miami on April 8th and 9th, 2019.

Discuss your digital strategy, profit from their experience, and share your insights.

Who is there?

Meet the leaders of start-ups with fresh ideas disrupting the traditional paths. Challenge Intershop´s  experts, learn from executives, mix with developers and see what e-commerce managers do to set their offering apart.


Marriott Stanton South Beach
161 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL, 33139
Tel:(305) 536-7700

For questions, please contact me!

Bobby McMullen
Business Development Manager