Webinar: Meet your customers in a smart customer portal


How does a successful strategy look like for your B2B customer portal? Tune in for our tips on how you can maximize customer satisfaction while streamlining your operations.

In this webinar, we will explore the four cornerstones of a smart B2B customer portal and how they can provide powerful competitive advantages for your company.

Welcome to an inspiring lunch hour with Fiwe and Intershop!

We will also discuss:

  • B2B self-service: Managing cost centers, tracking order status/shipping, quote, bid, and invoice management, simple and automated (re-)ordering processes, and e-services for catalogs and EDI/OCI integration.
  • After-sales services: Frequently asked questions, chat, technical and commercial documents, e-learning, and automated offers for spare parts, consumables, and services.
  • Digital sales processes: Guided Selling, integration of sales apps, sales support, and customer registration/onboarding.
  • Digital service models: Linking products to service contracts, product bundles with services, and products as a service.”

Date: Live on Tuesday 13th of June 2023, at 12-13 pm in Swedish and at 13.30-14.30 pm in English.

Presenters: Mauro Boffardi, Intershop and Daniel Nordin, Fiwe

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Patrick Mikolai
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