IR Digital Transformation Summit-EU

Location: Berlin, Germany

Learn and Meet

The event agenda is designed to dive deep into digital B2B and B2C commerce’s most complex and significant challenges, exposing the real-life case studies and best practices, with discussions, focused on the key issues of:

  • Digital transformation
  • Digital innovation driving market disruption
  • Digital marketing to drive b2b and b2c sales
  • The role of multi-channel marketing in b2b and b2c
  • Winning on b2b and b2c marketplaces
  • What b2b can learn from b2c commerce
  • and much more ...

Over 65 delegates focused on digital commerce for B2B, attended the summit in 2017. Hear and see what they had to say about this unique and exclusive event.

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Intershop Events

Patricia Hofmann
Marketing Manager

Intershop Events

Harold van der Horst
Marketing Director EMEA-West