eTail Nordics 2018

Location: Radisson Blu | Copenhagen | Denmark

The Conference For Scandinavian eCommerce & Multi-Channel Retail Innovators

Multiple channels. Multiple customers. One retailer - You.


Partners of the Show

We would love to meet you at eTail Nordics and talk about your Digital Transformation. Together with our strategic partner Accenture Interactive, we will be demonstrating the impact of a perfect customer experience, to help you make the transformation which the digital revolution requires.

Exciting Workshop

Simply designing websites or apps is not enough anymore – examples from Åhlens, Martin & Servera, Stadium and Ellos

Learn about what has changed and why will this impact the way you should think about the brand, from three industry experts at Fjord, Accenture Interactive and Intershop, as well as speaking to our clients' Stadium, Åhlens, Martin & Servera and Ellos. Attendees will participate to a live survey about the topics at hand, followed by a chance to debate about the experience you would like your customers to have – focusing on the direct and concrete online experience of the brand.


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Patricia Hofmann
Marketing Manager

Intershop Events

Harold van der Horst
Marketing Director EMEA-West