Turning a value-added portal into an online marketplace

Mivo expands its offering with Intershop and implements a B2B2E-Store-Solution.

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Whether it's a trip to the Far East, a new car, trendy boots or a large flat screen: Employees of participating companies benefit from attractive offers and discount campaigns on the mitarbeitervorteile.de portal. To strengthen its competitive position, the operator, MIVO mitarbeitervorteile GmbH, decided to implement a modern online shop based on Intershop. The new marketplace - the so-called MIVO Shop - not only offers an optimized shopping experience, but also an even more extensive range of advantage offers.

MIVO mitarbeitervorteile GmbH has been offering customized solutions in the B2B2E segment (business-to-business-to-employee) since 2001. The value-added portal, founded in Hamburg, is active in the DACH region and provides the exclusive user group of employees and members with discounted offers and benefits from currently more than 800 offer partners. In addition to instant discounts, the segment also includes discounted voucher cards and cashback. With the launch of its own online marketplace in August 2021, MIVO is underscoring its goal of becoming the leading e-commerce platform for employees.

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The challenge
  • Complement and further develop the MIVO world of benefits by implementing a B2B2E online shop
  • Strengthen the competitive position in the highly competitive affiliate market
  • Fulfill increasing customer expectations in terms of usability, service and variety of offerings
The result
  • Implementation of a modern online marketplace based on the powerful Intershop Commerce Platform
  • Perfecting the customer experience with positive effects on customer satisfaction and loyalty as well as overall business growth
  • Personalized offers and better cross-selling thanks to analysis of collected customer and store data
"Customers today simply expect more - more offers, more service, more functions. Everything has to be as convenient as possible. It is not always easy to meet these increasing requirements. But our new MIVO Shop, based on the Intershop Commerce Platform, aims to do just that, offering MIVO users a simpler, more comprehensive and more convenient shopping experience than before, and still at attractive employee conditions."
Nadine Schulz-Curth Head of Marketplace at MIVO mitarbeitervorteile GmbH
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