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KION North America redefines productivity in B2B with Intershop.

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KION North America produces material handling equipment for KION Group's primary brand, Linde Material Handling. Linde Material Handling serves the specific industrial truck requirements of the U.S., Canadian, and Mexican markets with a broad and complementary production portfolio, such as warehouse trucks, hand pallet trucks, electric trucks, and a wide range of services for industrial trucks. As a result of rapid market growth and after struggling to gain user adoption due to an inferior user experience with a competing B2B commerce solution, KION North America embarked on a migration to a future-proof e-commerce solution for customers and distribution partners. In less than six months, business partner DSS Partners was able to turn everything around and migrate over to the new cloud-based Intershop solution.


Driven by the rapid growth of e-commerce, KION Group has more than 1.6M forklift trucks and warehouse parts and ~8,000 installed systems in numerous industries on six continents, serving the specific requirements of global markets with an innovative, comprehensive product portfolio. Every day around the world, hundreds of thousands of forklift trucks from KION Group brands move goods from the receiving area to their assigned position in warehouses, trucks, and ships and help companies fulfill their full growth potential.

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KION North America Manufacturing

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forklift trucks and warehouse parts for customers of various sizes and in numerous industries on six continents.


months to a fully functional Intershop e-commerce solution in the cloud.

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High customer adoption: 96% of orders are now taken online.

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Online orders per day are up 15%.

The challenge
  • Due to rapid market growth, KION North America’s primary concerns were scalability and operational agility.
  • Lost order volume and declining customer satisfaction due to an unattractive user experience with a competing cloud solution.
  • Moving to Intershop’s Cloud Solution to take full advantage of innovative features while maintaining online business operations and customer satisfaction.


The result
  • A new customer portal for dealers and sub-dealers, which allows KION North America to prioritize customer-focused innovations rather than maintenance.
  • Web-based administration portal for KION North America’s customer support teams to manage and foster customer relationships.
    • Typical after-sales service for parts and services can now be provided by two to three customer service representatives instead of 10 - 12, saving thousands of dollars per year.
  • The dealer and admin portals developed on Intershop allow KION North America’s sales and service staff to access—and act on—important truck installation, returns, and warranty claims in real time.
  • Role-based functionalities give buyers, approvers, and administrators instant access to the most relevant information.
  • 24/7 self-service.
  • A significant increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Real-time integration into SAP ERP by doing direct calls to SAP Functions.
"Intershop and DSS Partners have proven to be the right partner to represent our brand online. Our extensive online portal is crucial to achieving our long-term growth strategy and meeting our expectations for excellent customer service."
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