CWS-boco Sets New Standards in Omnichannel Commerce

CWS-boco Sets New Standards in Omnichannel Commerce

The Smart Washroom

Together with partner diva-e, Intershop is driving the digital transformation of CWS-boco. This leading global provider of washroom hygiene and textile solutions offers its B2B customers an easy-to-use online store and service portal powered by Intershop technology. But that’s not all. Since relaunching its e-commerce platform, the company has also begun leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT). Using smart soap and hand towel dispensers that monitor fill levels, for example, CWS-boco can now optimize its storage and procurement processes.


  • Provide each B2B shopper with a role-specific selection of products, services, prices, and options.
  • Integrate a range of proprietary systems and services from third-party providers plus a centralized back-end processing tool for store users.
  • Provide sufficient scalability and performance for future growth and roll-out in multiple countries.


  • Powerful, scalable Intershop Commerce Management 7 with individually tailored key account stores that provide customized content for each customer.
  • Integrated ERP and CRM systems for efficient customer data management and optimal control of business processes.
  • High degree of customer-specific functionality combined with reliable, documented code and all relevant legacy data from the previous system.

Other Benefits

  • Single sign-on for easy login to web store.
  • Extended B2B module for a convenient shopping experience.
  • IoT elements (fill-level monitoring) as integral part of service offering.
Digital commerce is a key driver of our strategic business growth. A complete relaunch of our existing web store was absolutely essential in order to maintain our competitive edge. We’re extremely pleased with the new Intershop platform, both from a technological and a commercial perspective. Our B2B customers now benefit from a cutting-edge store and a more convenient shopping experience.

Alexander Krames

Team Lead E-Commerce at CWS-boco International

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