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Commerce-as-a-Service for Digital Agencies

Grow indefinitely with your customers and create digital USPs

Your Customer consistently in Focus

With Commerce-as-a-Service (CaaS) you offer your customers a technologically leading complete package consisting of Commerce Management, Order Management (OMS), Product Information Management (PIM) and Experience Management (EX). CaaS is a multi-client solution with which your customers can implement digital sales concepts for different business models (B2C, B2B, B2X), sales channels and touchpoints individually and as quickly as possible. We take over the conception, development and operation of the e-commerce system. This gives you the freedom to concentrate on digital brand management at the front end.

Enterprise Technology for Digital Agencies

Through our API approach, you can access all the functionality of CaaS and use it for your customers. Independently from us, you develop front-ends based on your technologies for countless touchpoints of your customers and integrate the functions you need. You create new functions, individualizations or connectors for third-party systems with the help of our Microservice Blueprints and secure the advantage in the market for your customers. With CaaS you use flexible and modular enterprise technology and over 25 years of experience of an e-commerce expert for your customer projects.

That's why - choose CaaS!

  • Open up new customer segments!
    CaaS provides you with all the necessary standard functionalities in a high-performance e-commerce platform for B2C/B2B/B2X scenarios. Designed as a SaaS solution, we support the operation of the system while you master the front-end via the APIs. This enables you to attract new customers of all sizes and business models from a variety of industries. 
  • Grow with your customers!
    As projects grow, e-commerce platforms developed for small and medium-sized businesses quickly reach their performance limits. Functionalities do not meet the new requirements, performance is not sufficient and the costs for maintenance and individualization increase disproportionately. Customers have to change the systems and often they change the agency at the same time. CaaS has a modular structure and offers the appropriate package for every company size. This allows you to grow with your customers indefinitely and support them throughout their entire lifecycle.
  • Partner programm CaaS for agencies
    Our partner program focuses on you! We support you holistically. Starting with the lead generation, through the sales cycle to support. Our partner portal gives you access to our technologies and marketing materials. Convince a customer for CaaS and benefit from attractive conditions of our reseller program.
  • Enterprise technology for medium-sized companies
    We have over 25 years of experience with e-commerce systems. With CaaS we make this experience available to you. Via the API interfaces and the open technology modules, you can take advantage of the possibilities of a mature enterprise e-commerce platform for medium-sized companies.

How do you earn with CaaS?

Frontend Customization. You on the stage!

Our ready-made API interfaces and the hybrid headless architecture of CaaS allow you to develop and operate technology independent front-ends for your customers. Use our existing functionalities and create individual content commerce concepts based on your existing content management systems or web frameworks.

Microservice Blueprints. Implement digital USPs flexibly.

Uniqueness is not achieved in the standard. But you don't have to reinvent the wheel every day. With our efficient Microservice Blueprints, you can quickly set up your own Microservices and continuously realize digital USPs for your customers. New functionalities can be quickly developed, changed and integrated. In this way, you can ensure the uniqueness of your customers in the long term.

Progressive Web App Blueprint Store. Welcome to the post-browser era!

Combine the benefits of a browser and an application. With our Angular-based PWA Blueprint Store, you can implement completely new front-end functionality of your choice and create unique customer experiences in your digital projects.  

Learn more in our webinar series!

Our Commerce-as-a-Service program for digital agencies is accompanied by a webinar series. We highlight different aspects of our offer. For example, we take a look at the functionalities, how our architecture is structured, how our API interfaces work or show interesting use cases. 

Blueprint Store for PWA: This is as lean as frontend customization can get

Are individual frontends and digital USPs your specialty? We support you with our Progressive Web App (PWA) Blueprint Store. With Angular, you can use pre-built processes on our solution or start on the green field. Your customers can benefit from the advantages of a mature front-end technology.

What advantages does a PWA offer you?

  • Higher speed through Single Page Application
    The turnover of an online shop depends directly on its loading time. The slower the store loads, the worse. With a PWA, you achieve the shortest loading times. Content is loaded dynamically in a single page application, depending on where the customer is. Its no longer completely in one process. This increases the speed. Take a look at our Demo Store and test it for yourself.
  • Improved user experience
    If the network coverage is low, the loading time is often extended or the process gets even interrupted. Since a PWA automatically preloads content, it is also provided if the network connection is interrupted.
  • Higher conversion rate due to extended functionalities
    With our PWA you can interact with the user. For example, you can automatically send push notifications to reduce shopping cart abandonment. This allows you to use the functions of an application without the need for a local installation.

With the PWA Blueprint Store, Intershop provides all the tools for the development of an own PWA Storefront. In addition to comprehensive documentation, program libraries, reference implementations and best practices are provided. Thus, developers benefit from a mature solution that already answers all questions concerning the architecture, server communication and performance optimizations of a PWA.

Frontend Customization mit dem PWA Blueprint Store von Intershop

Intershop is ideal for brand manufacturers who have complex channel support requirements, need highly developed commerce capabilities, and are looking for flexibility in overall pricing and licensing.


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Your person in charge for Commerce-as-a-Service

Ronny Hoepfner
Head of Channel Development

Your person in charge for PWA Blueprint Store

Nils Breitmann
Principal Enterprise Architect
Robert Karl
Product Manager