The new breed of B2B buyer

The new breed of B2B buyer

Are you keeping up with the ever-changing commerce landscape?

B2B buyer preferences have fundamentally shifted and existing business models can’t keep pace with the ever-changing B2B commerce landscape.

This reveals itself in things like delayed order processing, a lack of information transparency and inflexible customer service that are caused by unconnected systems and siloed channels. The result is all-too-often frustrated self-service oriented buyers.

A major shift is happening and a new breed of B2B buyer is emerging. These buyers expect a much more consumer-like experience and favor do-it-yourself online options for researching and buying products and services.

The ‘Death of a (B2B) Salesman’ report issued by research and advisory firm Forrester earlier this year confirms the changing preferences of today’s business buyers.

According to Forrester, this new generation of buyers is self-service-oriented and increasingly uses digital tools to interact, process orders and gather content. Indeed, Forrester’s research shows that 74% of buyers find buying from a website more convenient than a sales representative, and that 93% of business buyers prefer to buy online once they have decided what to buy. In addition, buyers are using digital channels to research products and place their orders.

These shifting buyer expectations are but one of many challenges faced by the modern B2B merchant. And, we examine them all in a new free e-book, “Reinvented and Digitized B2B Selling”.

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