Story of lingerie specialist Van De Velde going live on Intershop

Story of lingerie specialist Van De Velde going live on Intershop

Van de Velde NV is a leading player in the luxury and fashionable women’s lingerie sector. It owns globally-recognized lingerie brands including Marie Jo, PrimaDonna and Andres Sarda, and had an annual turnover in excess of €182 million in 2012. Belgian firm Van de Velde is convinced of the merits of a long-term strategy based on developing and expanding brands around the Lingerie Styling concept especially in Europe and North America.

Van de Velde was looking for a multichannel approach to extend the reach of its network of physical stores to the internet. However, this needed to be the right approach, since the Belgian lingerie group is famed for its in-store shopping experience, where assistants provide personal care to help customers choose the right product, especially with regard to size and shape. The challenge was to include this personal assistance in an online shopping experience.

Following some recent brand acquisitions, Van de Velde needed to unify its online commerce systems and was focused on providing customers with the highest quality shopping experience, both on- and offline. Because Van de Velde aims providing product and service excellence, it faced high complexity in simultaneously managing numerous e-commerce shop systems for different brands.

By merging its e-shops for all brands on to the same platform, Van de Velde was planning to simplify its e-commerce presence and also to focus on enabling cross-selling opportunities. Functionality is another key challenge for Van de Velde; as an example selected products in the web shop drive to matching products within the product detail page and these are also accessible in the check-out process.

Van de Velde selected Intershop and its silver implementation partner Fenego to realize an e-commerce platform as the foundation for all its online sales channels. Van de Velde’s first online shop project, Rigby & Peller web shop for the extensive German market, is now live – with further rollouts in other countries planned for the near future. Rigby & Peller alone currently offers about 14,000 products per season to consumers in Germany.

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