Delivering the local experience online

Delivering the local experience online

6 learnings from Majestic Wine

Together with Javelin Group we’ve just completed a project with the largest wine specialist retailer in the UK, Majestic Wine. It’s a brilliant example because the company has found a way to marry the customer convenience and expertise it prides itself on, to its online business. Majestic Wine customers can now experience an enviable, seamless localservice.

In its e-commerce revamp Majestic Wine wanted to enhance its existing ‘click and collect’ option, allowing customers to order goods online and opt to either pick up in-store or accept free delivery.

This replicates the local in-store experience, so online customers get to browse and select from available stock only – just like they would when visiting the store in person.

By presenting location-relevant stock options, Majestic Wine is able guarantee product availability. So when customers place an online order they’re assured whatever they select is on hand for pick up or delivery – making their shopping experience convenient and frustration free.

What’s more, Majestic Wine is now able to bring expertise from the offline world to the online world with a centrally managed blog that feature recommendations from its team of 800 wine experts. Plus, its new website includes a facility for local stores to post content and promote local events like free wine tastings.

All this has been made possible by Intershop’s powerful commerce platform that powers the six key elements forming the backbone of Majestic’s ‘local’ online customer experience:

  1. Advanced geographic mapping techniques ensure Majestic Wine can regionalise its product offering, balancing supply with demand
  2. Real-time stock management tools guarantee online customers only get to see what’s available right now at their local store
  3. Deep integration with backend systems assures the secure submission of orders, together with customer-specific fulfillment preferences, to individual stores where these are prepared for local collection or delivery
  4. Powerful checkout and fulfillment management allows customers to create their own mixed case wine selections from locally available stock
  5. Centralised management of huge volumes of content from multiple sources means online customers can search on data points like price, wine colour, grape or region – or make their choice using ratings and recommendations from other customers
  6. Online shoppers can view content from their local store’s webpage, get notifications on local tasting events and take advantage of ‘if you like that, you’ll love this’ personalised recommendations.

Read the full case study here.

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