De Stiho Groep wins Intershop B2B Award!

De Stiho Groep wins Intershop B2B Award!

Yesterday, De Stiho Groep was presented the Intershop B2B Award. The other nominees were Kruitbosch and Proforto. It was a tough decision, but the jury found that De Stiho Groep was the rightful winner because of the efforts they made in the field of B2B e-commerce and digital transformation.

According to the jury, De Stiho Groep started the digital transformation in a very special way – by launching Sybrand’s Place, their in-house development team. This way, De Stiho Groep created freedom and opportunity for e-commerce to grow and develop. De Stiho Groep combined design and inspiration in a sector where this is completely new. They made a deliberate choice for e-commerce, both strategically and at operational level. At operational level, they made well thought decisions about implementation and customer approach. DSG is proof that e-commerce can lead to good results in B2B!

Congratulations, De Stiho Groep!

Intershop B2B Award 2019

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