Intershop E-Commerce-Report 2016 Taking the Fast Track into the Digital Future of B2B Commerce

In August 2016 Intershop commissioned independent research consultancy Vanson Bourne to survey 400 B2B decision-makers with responsibility for e-commerce, marketing, products, or strategy in the UK, France, Germany, US, the Nordics and Benelux.

The Impact of Digitalization

Four in ten (40%) respondents surveyed confirm the pursuit of digital transformation has resulted in a complete change of their organization’s business model.

B2B E-Commerce Comes of Age

More than three-quarters (76%) of the respondents surveyed report that their organization has implemented a dedicated B2B e-commerce site.

Orchestrating B2B Order Cycles

94% of those that have integrated OMS (order management system) say it is having a positive effect on their e-commerce operations.

The research was focused on exploring the following key areas:

  • As B2B organizations build out increasingly sophisticated digital commerce channels, how is this changing the way they operate?
  • What are the inherent risks of failing to adapt fast enough in an increasingly competitive digital landscape?
  • As organizations move beyond leveraging digital to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of their commerce processes, will mega trends like the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data enable disruptive new capabilities?

The survey findings reveal how most B2B businesses have firmly grasped the potential of online digital commerce. So much so that a growing number of organizations say they’ve stepped up their investment in mobile channels in a bid to further boost customer loyalty, sentiment and engagement.

B2B visionaries are striving to connect disparate systems and gain end-to-end visibility across the extended supply chain – so that their organization can take advantage of real-time data about demand, inventory and capacity.

These trail blazers are now turning their attention to leveraging the potential and opportunities made possible by the IoT - while exploring how best to make big data work for their enterprise.

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Intershop E-Commerce Report 2016

Taking the Fast Track into the Digital Future of B2B Commerce

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