Deployment Models for Every Business Scenario

At Intershop, we appreciate that every business is unique. That’s why we developed the Intershop Commerce Suite with a range of deployment models to suit your specific needs.

We also understand that growing your business can be a highly dynamic process. Accordingly, Intershop provides a unique path for growth— so you never have to change your commerce platform again.

Intershop Commerce Suite Cloud

Power Start
Cloud is the easiest way to enter the world of omni-channel commerce and to get access to the world-leading commerce technology.


Intershop Commerce Suite Managed

Maximum Flexibility
If you want to keep your options open in changing markets, choose from a variety of Managed options.


Intershop Commerce Suite Enterprise

Unlimited Freedom
For maximum control of your e-commerce solution, choose the Enterprise on-premise model for the Intershop Commerce Suite.


Whichever deployment model you choose...

You can enjoy all the functionality of our world-leading commerce technology. And as your business develops, you can switch quickly and easily to the appropriate model, thereby protecting your investment.

Naturally, you can also combine multiple deployment models, e.g., host your core business platform in your own data center but use our cloud solution to enter new market segments with maximum speed and minimum expense.