Intershop Commerce Management 7.10 und Intershop Order Management 2.9

Intershop Commerce Suite | September 2018

With the new release of our Intershop Commerce Suite, we are setting a new standard in modern e-commerce and make your digital business more efficient and attractive. In particular, we are proud to present three new major product highlights:

  • Intershop Progressive Web Application
  • Intershop standard connectors for connecting Intershop Commerce Suite to Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Microsoft SQL Server Support and Azure SQl Database as an alternative to Oracle Database

At the same time, we are pleased to announce the official release of Intershop Commerce Management 7.10 and Intershop Order Management 2.9 with numerous new features.

Learn more about the various release components and how they support your daily work in our What´s New Intershop Commerce Suite | September 2018 document and in our Intershop Knowledge Base.

You can also watch our recorded Release Webinar, where you can learn about the major innovations of our Intershop Commerce Suite 2018.