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Intershop Cloud Commerce

Selling More Easily

Intershop Cloud Commerce

Create your digital customer portal with both the speed and security you need.

Intershop Cloud Commerce is a complete, scalable solution that lets you digitize sales and optimize customer contact, thereby boosting revenue and retention.

Open up new digital channels without lengthy roll-out and provide your customers with a unique quality of interaction from purchase through fulfillment to service.

Go digital faster

Intershop and the Microsoft Azure Cloud

With Intershop Commerce Suite in the Microsoft Azure cloud, you can roll out new online stores and digital customer portals in a matter of weeks—enabling rapid international growth.

You can also try out new ideas without the hassle and expense of investing in major infrastructure. In addition, the cloud offers greater transparency and flexibility when designing e-commerce projects.

  • Fast
    Create and expand your digital sales channel with maximum speed.
  • Scalable
    Expand into new markets using the global data centers that comprise the Microsoft Azure cloud.
  • Flexible
    Set up new projects and campaigns by simply increasing your data center capacity.
  • Secure
    Enjoy the availability, security, privacy, transparency, and compliance of the Microsoft Azure cloud.
  • Managed
    Intershop and its partners manage the applications and data centers.
  • Market-leading solution
    Intershop is the leading solution in the e-commerce segment according to top technology analysts, such as Forrester and Quadrant Solutions.

Tour of Microsoft Azure

The cloud you can trust

Do you expect the highest global standards when it comes to data security? So do we. That’s why we opted for the Microsoft Azure cloud. As a result, you can choose whether to use a Microsoft data center in Germany—where data protection law is particularly strict—or elsewhere in the world.