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Digital technologies lie at the heart of all business processes. Agility, efficiency, and affordability are the key strategic imperatives. It is in this context that Cloud commerce offers great potential to realize enormous benefits across all the mission-critical parameters of modern enterprise management. Our whitepaper provides you with comprehensive insight into Cloud-based e-business.

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Intershop Cloud Commerce is a complete, scalable solution that lets you digitize sales and optimize customer contact, thereby boosting revenue and retention.

Open up new digital channels without lengthy roll-out and provide your customers with a unique quality of interaction from purchase through fulfillment to service.

Boost your sales

Your new digital portal can be rolled out in just a few weeks, using a single Intershop platform to host multiple online stores for all your brands, segments, business models, and partners.

Optimize your processes

By integrating all processes, systems, and information (customers, products, and order histories), you can provide optimum customer service at every stage of the journey from purchase through fulfillment to service.

Impress your customers

Make ordering easier and boost customer loyalty with user-friendly navigation, extensive product information, intuitive ordering functions, flexible customer service, and modern checkout processes.

Your benefits with cloud solutions!

  • Fast

    Create and expand your digital sales channel with maximum speed

  • Flexible

    Set up new projects and campaigns by simply increasing your data center capacity

  • Scalable

    Expand into new markets using the global data centers that comprise the Microsoft Azure cloud

  • Secure

    Enjoy the availability, security, privacy, transparency, and compliance of the Microsoft Azure cloud

  • Managed

    Intershop and its partners manage the applications and data centers, leaving you to focus on what matters most—your business!

  • Market-leading Solution

    According to renowned technology analysts such as Forrester and Quadrant Solutions, Intershop is a market-leading solution in e-commerce

The cloud you can trust

You expect not only flexibility and productivity, but also the best possible security for your data. The Microsoft Azure cloud was the obvious choice for Intershop because it meets all these requirements.

Intershop and the Microsoft Azure cloud

Intershop Cloud Commerce is the quick and easy way to create a digital sales and communication platform. You can roll out new online stores and customer portals in just a few weeks, making it easy to grow your global presence.

You can also try out new ideas without the hassle and expense of investing in major infrastructure. In addition, the cloud offers greater transparency and flexibility when designing your e-commerce projects.

Read more about Intershop and the Microsoft Azure cloud in our resources Cloud Commerce.

Resources Cloud Commerce

Make use of valuable facts, webinars, videos that matter to the success of your business.

Achievements by Intershop customers



sales growth in three years


localized stores in just four months


increase in value of average online order


increase in conversion rate

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