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Central Vendor Portal

Manage vendor stores with convenient self-service
features on a single platform

Integrate your vendor network and improve your service to customers

Vendors are at the forefront of customer interaction—from marketing to sales and service.

With a central vendor portal, you can better integrate that network into your own organization and processes. The result: higher quality of service and a more consistent customer experience.

Improve your service network for customers

With Intershop, you can integrate hundreds of vendors and improve your service network for customers. You can also provide a consistent experience across all online and offline channels—and at every stage in the customer lifecycle. As well as enhancing your omnichannel services, you can let customers choose when, where, and how they take delivery of items or have them installed.

Help your vendors succeed

Support your vendors with their purchasing processes and help them to acquire and nurture customers. With a central commerce platform based on Intershop technology, every one of your vendors can create their own individual store quickly and inexpensively and use centrally managed content to inform and attract customers.

Multiply your branded presence

Using Intershop’s flexible technology architecture, you can replicate complex sales organizations and complement your own branded stores with virtually unlimited vendor-run online shops. Our extensive configuration and management options give you flexible control of all outlets. For example, you can manage products and content centrally, roll out globally, and customize locally.

All stores on one platform

Manage multiple brand stores and a diverse range of vendor stores on a single Intershop commerce platform. Our numerous configuration and management options let you manage your data and processes more efficiently. You can also use intelligent tools to share centrally managed product information and other content with all your local stores.

  • Add new vendors quickly and easily
    Set up new vendor stores simply and efficiently using back-end templates in the Intershop commerce platform. All roll-out processes run fully automatically in the background.
  • View and test before going live
    Use the preview functions to check the look and feel of new vendor stores. You can also test new product content and promotional campaigns before they go live.
  • Empower your vendors
    Let vendors configure their own online stores with our special onboarding tool. This setup assistant covers everything that is required for a smooth and successful roll-out.
  • Let vendors manage and customize their stores
    Vendors can modify their online stores retrospectively within the constraints of the defined corporate design. They can swap out logos, images, colors, etc. and add or expand their product ranges, e.g., with country-specific products and offers. Using the vendor back office, they can easily manage their own online store, e.g., check the status of an order, alter content and pricing, select products, or define payment and delivery options.

We’ve digitalized our after-sales processes and sell our genuine parts, accessories, and lifestyle products online. Customers can choose whether to have their order shipped from one of our participating locations or vendors or to pick up the order themselves. We are gradually integrating more and more vendors into our online store and setting up their own stores for them. In the process, we’re further expanding our network for customers and opening up new sales channels for our vendors.

Head of after-sales at a car manufacturer

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