Investing in the digital future of B2B

Investing in the digital future of B2B

The success of B2B commerce to a large extent relies on more seamless integration of information and IT systems. But where are organizations at right now? And what will the next investments look like?

In our e-commerce research report “Taking the Fast Track into the Digital Future of B2B Commerce”, organizations confirm that both the sales (59%) and marketing (54%) functions have seen the biggest impact of B2B IT integration efforts to date, although 43% also highlighted after sales operations had been impacted.

Organizations are also actively leveraging new tools and capabilities to recalibrate their B2B commerce approach. Almost all (99%) had invested in at least one tool or capability in the last 12 months; around half (53%) had
invested in cloud-based services, closely followed by e-commerce systems (49%) and mobile applications (48%).

In terms of investment priorities for the next 12 months, mobile applications (50%), cloud-based services (47%) and e-commerce platforms (43%) topped the list. Almost half of respondents (48%) confirmed these investments are being driven by the desire to create efficiencies across the organization and the commitment of senior management to innovation (47%).

For others, responding to customer demand (44%) and fear of falling behind the competition (39%) were among the primary motivations.

Almost 45% of respondents identified their sector as being heavily reliant on up-to-date technology, with automotive (68%) and hi-tech manufacturing (57%) most likely to select this. By contrast, the tools sector (27%) was least reliant on cutting-edge technologies.

For a more in-depth look at the digitalization mega trends, download your copy of the full report for free here.

Toralf Lahs

Sales Representative UK & Ireland

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Comment by Mika Johnson |

Hello Toralf,

I already downloaded the report. Do you have a personal page that I can follow? I am hoping to learn more about digitalization mega trends.


Comment by Toralf Lahs |

Hello Mika,

thanks for downloading the report and your interest in digitalization trends! You can follow my personal page via Linkedin:



Comment by Martin Davidson |

Dear Toralf,

Your idea's about digital future of B2B is Amazing and it's make much easier for me to Learn and do.


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