Commerce Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Automotive companies are currently faced with two critical challenges. Long-term brand loyalty can only be achieved by providing customers with a consistent brand experience across all available touchpoints—from initial contact through to post-sale service.

In addition, companies have to harmonize complex supply chains and sophisticated business processes to achieve optimum interaction with suppliers, service partners, dealerships, and service centers.

With Intershop commerce and portal solutions, we can help you remain competitive and respond more effectively to an increasingly dynamic market. The possibilities are as varied as the industry itself.

Appealing: Attract customers and generate brand enthusiasm

Today’s consumers have very high expectations and a thirst for information. The “customer journey”—from initial research in your online showroom through direct contact at a dealership to post-sale parts and services—requires expert management at every stage to create an appealing brand experience. With an Intershop solution, you can:

Loyalty-inspiring: Strengthen customer relationships through attractive service offerings

Exceptional customer care is fundamental to lasting success. Using added-value services and personalized communications, you can generate credibility for your brand and turn occasional purchasers into loyal and regular customers. With an Intershop service portal, your customers can:

Pioneering: Use connectivity to your advantage

Mirroring recent developments in “connected car” technology—where the vehicle itself is connected with the Internet—more and more people are using online vendors for automotive parts and services. The challenge for manufacturers is to combine their online channels with offline dealerships, adapting offerings to the specific needs of customers in a way that is profitable for everyone. It is already time to consider the appropriate models. Thanks to the standardized interfaces that Intershop employs, there are a number of possible in-car applications:

  • Using vehicle information for service purposes
  • Booking services and other offerings
  • Editing personal information
  • Accessing bill history and contract details
  • And much more …

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