Your Business Model: B2C Commerce (Retail)

The development of retail commerce is being driven by confident consumers with their own individual buying behavior. You can respond to this trend toward consumer-led, omni-channel commerce by using Intershop’s innovative solutions and services to unleash the full potential of your business and maximize customer satisfaction.

Intershop commerce solutions are specifically designed around serving your customers.

Sell everywhere

Be where your customers want you to be.

Perfect shopping experience

Your customers should not only love shopping in your store, they should also feel right at home.


Always well informed

Help your customers find everything they need to know, whenever and wherever they want.


Targeted and personalized

With our innovative business intelligence tools, you can make targeted use of your marketing budget and personalize your communications with each customer.


Efficient and future-proof

Strengthen your online business with the aid of in-depth analysis, innovative tools for simulating business decisions, and efficient management of your commerce platform: